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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Friday, November 26, 2010

Time is flying fast

When you start attending functions that involve the man in the red suit its sure getting close to show time again. I best get working on the tea cosy as well as all the other show items.

So we have Kronnenberg out this week and it was lucky to steal the time I should have used to take a photo of the shawl that I just completed. Now there are 2 garments that need sleeves knitted and other things to get started.
I should get most things going and gone off to the right places soon.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Its all like Jack and the beanstalk

Things are busy in making here at the moment there is a Market Day at Shellharbour Salvos on 27th of November and I am busy getting stuff made for the stall I will have. So Bon Bons are being churned out, and I am busy sewing, crocheting and still doing the regular amount of stuff I need to do as well.

Christmas Trees are getting made up and hopefully this week alot more of them will be made.

But the garden is the biggest area of growth, Today my 1st bean of the crop was quite long considering it was only Wednesday it was so tiny.

Wont be long till I harvest them and other delights like Zucchini, Tomato and cabbages. My corn will be perfect for Christmas and look like Ill be fine with the capsicums soon as well.
But there is a shawl to edge and a jumper and a cardigan that is seeing some action as well. All systems go here, just deprived of endless pots of tea and maybe some sleep.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Flora,Fauna and hard labour

Well things have been busy and there is still far too much to do. Each day I spend sometime in the garden and take photo roughly once a week so my friends can see its progress. This year is a great year in my garden and my friends are starting their own too. So around my yard I have veg and Flowers just like the clums of hippieastrums that we will try to get in a proper row next year.

Boss loves the garden time as he watches me go around the spots and check each one or going down to pour my teapot of leaves and cold tea to keep the garden happy.

So yard duty and patrol done it's back to the real work at hand. The shawl still needs to be completed but is getting alot closer. The House of Alpaca Tunic is complete so there is a cardigan and another heart jumper to go.
But show knitting ideas are very distracting too.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Viva la Knit whoops Gong

So after trying to figure if it would rain more I got going a little late and then we were treated to a parade, bands, interesting costumes, and acrobats. So the Hectic Bros can juggle swords and a chain saw.
Balance a working chainsaw in ones mouth.

Wear really interesting outfits.

While tall chefs wander around.

But to top it off they are on a table, one on the others shoulders and yes swallowing a real propper fixed blade sword. No wonder I got an extra 3 cms more than the length required ont he jumper back I was knitting. Plain stocking stitch was all I would be able to manage as there was too much to see and going on. Plenty of people out and well just too busy to concentrate on a pattern.
I just now have to finish the shawl, finish the tunic and the Motif Edge Jacket as well as the jumper I started on and did most of the back of today.