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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Guild Camp 2011

We set off for the Bi-annual Guild camp at this lovely TAFE campus for the October Long Weekend. Just a 3.5 hr drive away but a great weekend as always.

The TAFE itself makes up its grounds on a former State Wards school and some of the accomodation blocks are the orginal ones refurbished and now some have been remoddled into lovely ensuite rooms.

The Locals were rather curious of us lot about and we could view them easily each Breakfast, Morning Tea and Lunch time. I was able to get quite close to take photos but wont go too close when you know they are wild and not some batch of Animal Par or Zoo ones that enjoy a pat and feed.

But yet again the weather closed in on us and we had a very wet and wild walk to the Dining room considering it was not under cover to get there. Umbrellas and Rain coats were the items we all seemed to fish out of cars after being caught out yet again.

Even being one fo the furtherest travelled I seem to do Train Station Trips to collect other campers that arrive and bring them the 10 min trip across. I guess it is the time spent knitting with friends that counts the most. I was able to get a decent amount knitted and even watch the Grand finals in the Football codes in the comfort of my room.

I hope I get lovely facilites like this again in 2 years time. As for the knitting that will come soon when I photograph some pieces that are finished.


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