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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Festive or worn out

 Well Christmas has hit and gone in a blur of a 8 days straight shift block from 23rd December to the 30th December. I am half way thru and the 27th December also means 11 years of employment in the one place. But there has as always been more things presents food and fun. Boss was lucky to get a Tessco dog ball that he loves. it wasn't easy to get him to not pick the ball up for a photo.
I was lucky to get some red poppies still bloom amongst the solar lights Christmas Display. We didnt win any comps we were entered into but alot of people said we had a very nice display.

I did get alot of other lovely presents but this is just the UK package. I really want to make alot of the cakes and we enjoyed the coffee stencils for a change.

One crazy highlight this year was eating Alaskan King Crab like you see caught on Deadliest Catch. they are like daddy long legs of crabs with weird joints and very long about a foot long legs. A lovely treat and I never thought I could ever get to try a little bit let alone a pile of legs.

Now its try to get show entries made and keep up with everything else in life. I have a good start but need more items to get to finished. So now its just do the best to get my knitting and crocheting done on the double and come back with FO's soon.


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