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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some changes for the the better

Well strange things this weekend it seems after a very entertaining Stitch n Bitch I have had magpies visit and some time to sort out a few things.

I have new Art viva needles just in time for the big change. I never thought I would have to ramp my knitting up to the stock for internet selling but it has hapened. I spent most of yesterday processing what has begun. Handmade in the Highlands ( site is not complete yet) has gone to the new world. So its stock in bulk please oh and a shawl.

So I have got the crochet set complete.

1 vest so far and nearly a beanie. I guess I will also need to work out the balance to keep up with Crookwell as well. Thank you for Long service leave and about 3 weeks of leave awaits me before I even start that but so far only one week is booked in March. I have opted to take my Long service in one block as we can only take it in the option of one block of 45 working days ( excluding public Holidays) or 2 blocks of min 1 week then the balance. So there is hopefully plenty of knitting and photography to come.

For now its time to get a shawl going along.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

sock it to ya

Well I cant help have funnys I saw these bean seeds on Diggers Garden Club known as Sex without Strings and had to get some. A good laugh at the name but looks like they are a very healthy plant as well just 1 week along from planting.

Just to keep Boss in the blog hes on his watch patrol seat happily keeping up his patrol of the suburb.
But the best bit my 1st pair of Toe up socks and finished in time to cast on 2 more pairs and wear these while watching football. It really shows my small but rather fat feet in the picture as well.