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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just a round up

Well deadline to have a mass of stuff done for Handmade in the Highlands is tomorrow and well got a reasonable amount done in the time . The shawl is a good weeks worth of crocheting but its in the bag ready to go to Bunadanoon this weekend.
Country Treasure is selling my knitwear at an alarming rate so I will be well entertained trying to catch up if I can. There seems to be more and more to the list everytime I think about it.

But as a sideline I have a Sock yarn blanket started to keep me amused as well. I will try to show progress reports when I can. I will also endevour to get the peacock shawl finished while I am on long service leave as well. Just have to get things worked out and hide from the bandroom as much as possible.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just add Knitting......

Pop asking the 3 Grand daughters : What do people in the caravans do when its raining?

The girls had no idea to give Pop an answer. Pop wanted to hear Knit.

We have a family caravan next to my sisters van at Gradys Riverside retreat. So no mobile contact, we dont have a tv yet and at this stage its raining and we have no radio either. I sit and knit while Miss B watches me knit. Ok so Miss B is now learning to knit then Miss C comes along I only had 1 ball of spare yarn and 1 spare pair of needles. So Miss C gets to finger knit on 4 fingers. Mind you this was after Breakfast and my Neices were also knitting during breakfast.

I tried to have a week off to get on track and only had a few things to concrete in. But ended up Op Shopping and getting bone china bargains. 2 trios of Windsor in the Tartan nd Bow pattern.

1 Royal Vale agapanthus trio.

Best bargain of the week was on the way to the van we stopped in Nowra to look at the Vinnies store. I am know to spot things easy as anything and well despite a very full car and not knowing how to fit in more things I came across a Noritake Laureate 5391 dinner set 42 pieces it is just missing 4 coffee/tea cups ( not the shape above) for the whole sum of $20. It would have broken my heart to leave it behind. Mind you I drove around with it packed in my boot for almost a week before it came inside after our floods and other wet days ect.
So I have alot of knitting to still get caught up on with photos and still to get made. I did get a new Winter Uniform Jacket from Salvationist Supplies in Sydney and need to finish putting it together with trims that need to be attached. So Ill try to get things updated as I can.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

In the mean time

Well a quick view from the otherside of the lake to Primbee and well I am so busy that my week of will probably be gone before I know it.

So enjoy the views until I get myself sorted to show the finished items ect. For now its to finish a few things and watch the football.