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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hats Off

Well beanie 4 is done and 5 is close behind coming off the needles. Then its back to the list again.

But a little wander about today at the Nan Tien Temple

But I am not sure if this little guy is having some trouble with wind or not.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brrrr its getting cold outside

Wel an early cold snap runs along to an early beanie run in the Crookwell restock so this week so far I have the above. This a Cobolt/sky blue slip stitch one in Mudgee wool from Superfine Wool.

House of Alpaca Baby Blue and Cream.

Sorry its a bit blurred but this is House of Alpaca Purple, emerald and cream.

I have also done a Superfine Jacaranda/Lavender one but will post it next time. I am half way thru my long service leave and well when you are too broke to do things you knit. So this week I posted urgent stuff on Monday and will follow this up on Friday with 6 size 1 beanies off as well. Then its back to the big list and try my hardest to post again on Monday to help stock as quickly as I can.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Keeping up with the demands

Ok well this is not really knitting but there is a JRT hiding there at my feet and trying to keep himself warm in the Doona I use when I sit and knit. I find I am much more comfortable with this instead of a heater.

But yet again the lure of Noritake has bitten again with this 18 piece tea service and well then I went to another op shop. Saw another service but not to my liking and didnt get that one known as Poetry. Go to another of my favourite op shops and see a pile of plates and when I asked if they had any other parts to it was told no just them but they are $2 for the lot. I got 4 dinner plates, 6 salad, 5 cake and 6 saucers of marywood. You can guess that I go to another op shop and found another set but again not to my liking so it stayed there. I guess it is just the tea cups of a rounded shape I like and well the footed coffee cups are not always my thing but I must like the pattern I see first.

There has been knitting work to meet a few urgent requests. Monday I sent off one parcel and
Tuesday I got an email to let me know there was no Pink garments in Size 1 or under. So madly we have knitted to get 2 cardigans done to post off today. So 0-3mths above 3- 6mths below. I also had a request on Wednesday for Size 1 beanies as they are going fast also.

Before the emails I had 2 0-3mth beanies in pink made and ready to form the next parcel. So this week will be busy knitting yet again.

Friday, May 06, 2011

I have a collection problem already.

Well I may be on leave and some might have thought I would spend alot of time here on the Shoalhaven River at Grady's Riverside Retreat in Burrier near Nowra. I have spent 1 night there and done one drop off there. Too much has kept me away and too busy.

There is a new problem that has started involving op shops a Noritake China ware. I have brought another set and well broke my normal rules and actually drank out of it.

For now its a busy weekend of knitting ahead to get the stuff off to Crookwell that they need asap and are desperate for.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Lots of things to keep one busy

Well I may be on Long service leave but it is all systems go here. I just did my quick round of the garden with the camera and Mr Lincoln is in lovely bloom today.

More garden work arrived yesterday with a Diggers Club Grab bag of Bulbs there are 170 bulbs of 8 different mixes to be planbted as soon as I can get it organised. Not bad for a cheap price to buy off the excess ones this year.

Yes there is knitting going on. I have the big list into some groupings and from the large groups I will be setting myself smaller tasks to complete each week. So far I am getting along it ok. I am keeping a pretty good schedule of getting them done as well.

I did get the Baby set completed right on the deadline of May 1st and its now delivered an on its way to the new baby that had arrived on the Friday.

For now its back to beanies and baby jackets.