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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flying time

Well the HARS Tiger Moth was playing over the coast today. I have just finished 45 days Long service leave and returned to a normal routine. There has been alot of stuff that didnt get to have a photo before shipping off to Crookwell but maybe I can get back on track again.

Taking time for some bits of photography will happen as well. Last weekend I went to Cathedral Rocks in Kiama and enjoyed a pleasant half hour or so taking photos. I still have a section or so of the local coastline to photograph yet and hope to get to it soon.

Friday, June 03, 2011

As Winter rolls in

Today at about 4pm my mother shouted out to me telling me there was a big helicopter coming over. It was infact a tree chipper up the road but the sea fog was starting to roll in and since I had just dashed out to take a different photo it was htis that ended up being caputred. So winter is here.

That also means more stock is needed asap and so far this week a Daisy cardigan in Size 1 has been finished. I have a 2nd on the needles and bootees on the go. Crookwell needs just 9 pairs, 3 in each of Cream, Blue and pink. Still alot to get done but there is a side job to complete a ladys mohair jumper that is up to the armholes on the front and back of already. So another busy week ahead.

But Boss is happy to say hello as well.