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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Postcrossing a new side hobby

Well a friend told me about signing up for Postcrossing and well I had to do it after all I love mail. So as a start you register and can send to up to 5 random people in the world. Using a code you are given to write on the postcard when you get the address you get them registered and as yours are registered others will send to you. So I sent my 5 and then Postcrossing had their 6th Birthday and we were granted an extra 6 addresses. From that I have made friends with a lady in The Netherlands and she exchanged a further card with me and I got the pink mini card in return.

Then on Ravelry there is Postcrossers who knit and I again swapped some cards and so far have this one from the USA.

Then as I have had a few registered as received I got a card from Germany. This is for the "Day without Cars".

Also from Japan which was my 1st official one to come here. I am loving it and well cant wait for the postie to come each weekday.

Monday, July 18, 2011

UFO's to FO's finally

Well many years ago I won a Creative Knitting Competition for the to be released Jet Yarn it may have actually been about 2003 that this occurred. So I won 20 balls and a pattern book. Fast forward a few years and the jet is still not knitted and the pattern book really didn't have anything I really suited. So finally in 2009 I found a vest pattern I would like and started the terrible path. The pattern was very badly written for a Patons pattern and ringing them really gave a bad taste with very rude service. So I modified the pattern so it fitted me and for a few months it has sat awaiting the last few things of one arm band and sewing up. I finally tackled it and have the vest on for the cold weather ahead. I will be very happy later in the evening when I come home at 10pm thatthis is done.

Fun factor 2 is the red Patons Mohair Amour jumper that I have completed for the Bandmasters wife. This jumper was started back in the 80's and the front and back were both to the arm holes and sadly the cable pattern will not really show with this yarn. So I was asked if I could knit the remains and complete it. So fun starts just after Easter when it is given to me and well it stank of mothballs with a whole box still in its celophane of flakes in with the partly completed front and back. Some airing time later and sorting our the pattern that was altered from the actual pattern in the book and we get going. Sleeves well not adding the cable there and finally we have a completed jumper that will return asap so it's out of my way. Personally I think it is not very nice but I guess if your cold and wear a coat over it there may be some beauty in it.

Now back to regular knitting work yet again but using some new patterns.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The red vest tale

Way back for the 1st NSW Knitters Guild Camp I went and stayed at my Great Aunts house the night before in Blacktown before continuing my journey to Katoomba. My Aunt gave me her knitting gear and some handknits she had made. Amongst them were 2 broken rib v neck vests that Great Uncle wore but were in too good condition to give to charity so she gave them to me. A mustard one that I have since worn to bare thread and a Red one. Recently my parents were telling her the red vest is still in constant wear and it was then we found out its over 40 years old. I have also subsequently got the pattern to make ones similar in 8ply this was a vest in maybe 5 ply. It shows good yarn and good care can go on for a long time.

Billabong was the property they lived on and when they moved to a new house in the late 80's
a lovely garden yet again was established with many roses and the sign from Billabong went to be by the front door. I dont yet know why they named the property this but the property is not very far from the new house. My Great Uncle came to Australia from Estonia so its from there and my Grandfather that makes me so interested in the Estonian patterns.

For now I need to keep getting orders completed and then I can wander to do my own things again maybe.