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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cornish Lobster anyone????

The Postie today gave me a big bundle of mail and only 2 I guess I knew could be arriving but the big parcel was a Surprise from Toby. They recently spent time in Cornwall and sent me some goodies. A Rick Stein book full of great recipes. I am not sure what to try 1st.

A history and old time recipes book on Cornwall.

An Adoption Certificate of the Baby Lobster Hatchling Toby got me and he named him Towmater as in Mater from Cars. I love the charachter Mater.

Finally such a great postcard. I guess any Aussie Picnic could have the same result as well.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More happy mailbox times

I have a new friend Daria in Belarus who sent me a card of the Library in the Diamond building.

An official from the USA and the closest I will see the Hollywood sign for now.

Willie B from Atlanta Zoo another official from the USA. Willie B was a Silverback Gorilla who lived at the zoo from 1961 to 2002 when he passed.

An official from France and yes Notre Dame Cathedral with its 12 Century windows.

Postcrossing is starting to be a great thing and I have even made some lovely new friends from it. I now have new penpals and love the postie coming each day. Today was a big pile of goodies for me.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Its Done in a speedy 2 weeks

Well start with todays Postcrossing. I have an official in from the USA. The sender is a Russian living in the USA in Colombus South Carolina.

Lucy and Tobes sent me St Marys Church from Saffron Walden. I have them hooked to Postcrossing too and even Lucy's Parents are thinking of joining the fun.

I did have a new chance to send another and as a Russian has Registered one in I am sending one to Finland.

But the Big thing today is the Navy/Red size 6 Shawl neck jumper is done and on its transported way to Crookwell. Thank goodness its smaller sizes again. I have some balls left over to knit beanies with now as well. I need to get a few outstanding projects completed as well and sent off to the various sales outlets.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This postal week

This week was a quiet week on the postal front but busy on the knitting. I had a swap from the Czech Republic and it shows some lovely views.

An official from Belarus arrived but the young lady is on summer holidays in the Czech Republic so that is where the card is from.

Knitting wise I have been slogging away on a size 6 jumper that is on order and trying to get it posted on Monday if at all possible. Stay Tuned for that.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Clicking away like the airmail post

Well I did manage to get the little blue 0-6mth jumper done before getting stuck into the size 6 jumper order. I was finishing this while waiting for the parcel with the alpaca yarn to arrive. I just need to get the front and back completed and onto the sleeves over the weekend. Busy times alead for sure.

But in the land of post crossing this week I had a swap from Michigan USA.

Official from Louisiana USA.

Official from Poland.

For a good conversation the other day the jobs associated with the postcard sending I am now enjoying. There are alot of areas that involve staff and owners to recieve wages to get my cards to and from here. I guess my little $2 each time could seem very small but if you have 20 people all doing it then it starts to add up.