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Monday, September 26, 2011

Beanie, beanie, beanie

Well I need to catch up on alot of knitting work and while I am on 2 weeks leave I will do my best to make some decent dents into the current stock needs. I have beanies needed so I did a broken fishermans rib in BWM pink 4ply.

In alpaca a slip stitch one that will match the jumper that was a previous order and since purchased and collected with alot of drama attached. I will try to add more to them as boys and girls sizes 6mths to 18 mths is needed and every cold snap makes the stock get depleted quicker in Crookwell.

But I also need to get a UFO to FO by the end of the month and with just over 3 charts left Pretty as a Peacock has come back out and will even go with me to Guild camp as I have not selected any workshops to do just a huge catch up on knitting weekend.

For now I am trying hard to get a little 0 - 6mths pink jumper out as well and then I have 2 cardigans to get done for Crookwell also. Handmade in the Highlands well lets not speak just yet but there is a list as well and its pretty involved too.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Squaring up

Well the Knitters Guild group were donated a big box of yarn all in 1 shade and slowly its becoming blankets. My part is all crochet Squares and about 9 squares should give a blanket as I have gone for large squares.

So I keep making them and soon there will be no balls of yarn left in my pile for them to be made from.

Hopefully alot of other things become Finished piled instead of UFO's

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too much work to get thru

Yet again the shawls are popular and this took far to long this time so hopefully the next I need to do isnt as long and gets completed soon.

My Dutch Iris are happily blooming after finally showing after my week on Flowers at church.

The start to a big run of beanies in Blues and Pinks.

A 0-6mth Jacket that should have been finished ages back but sadly other orders kept pushing in so I have to catch up on the works now.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

A monkey in my parcel

Well today was another good and busy mail day. I have a handmade card from The Netherlands.

An Estonian one came too so there was great excitement of seeing a card of Tallinn Old Town section.

A great parcel thru a Ravelry swap came too. I have the Postcard, pen and softie swap. I have been enjoying the mints already but need to name the monkey.