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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A pink thing that made too much fuzz

Well I was asked earlier on in the year if I could knit a cotton cardigan for a lady who I know and is now in a nursing home. I said yes so that was mistake #1. So now literally 2 months later we have a size 16 BWM cotton cardigan done and can be delivered to her older sister tomorrow at church.

BWM cotton is lovely and soft but leaves layers of fluffy fuzz on me and my hands were caked in it as well as a  thick coating all over me every time I knitted. Now I swap it to be caked in alpaca stray fluff that isn't as bad.

2 weeks leave and 2 weeks hard work ahead.

Monday, March 19, 2012

1 off the booked list

Very late last night or early today I finished the dolly jacket and dressed her. So today she was returned to a very thankful owner and now its the next task.

A pink size 16 ladies cotton cardigan is next and thankfully closing in on finishing as well so its the sleeves to get tackled and then the bands and finishing.

Slowly I get these side orders finished so the concentration can go onto the real work.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Which side is right

 Last year at camp a workshop called "knit a double sided leaf" was advertised and a very large group turned up to knit a leaf with green wool. The real workshop was for a double sided leaf scarf. So after all this the group at Kiama wanted to have a go. So I get the pattern today before the meeting and with about 30 mins to learn, get a decent grip on the graph and have some idea to instruct this workshop we managed this by the end of it. Not too bad once you got your head around it and hopefully there will be a scarf completed by next months meeting.

For now its try and get a dolly jacket done in a night and then tomorrow try and wrap the pink cardigan up as much as possible.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nearly done

 So trying to get all the orders done and having emergency ones as well never helps to get things cleared off. So back to Dolly and tonight she got her bootees and the bonnet is on the way.

I had to go into madness mode for close to 2 weeks when stock had run out with one of the 2 shops. So madly I got about 2 weeks of stock knitted and now I hope to clear the 2 side orders of Dolly and a Ladies cardigan so I can focus back on the regular work again.