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Not your average knitter a Metalhead and a Ag show entrant

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Speeding along

 Well I took a bit of a road trip to Mittagong and see where the Handmade in the Highlands stuff is being sold from. Maybe not a good idea to get shocked with the amount that had sold and the amount of work ahead but I will do my best to get stuck in and conquer.

 I also have a side order for a baby Blanket to knit so I have chosen the Estonian Lullaby Blanket and only have a few weeks to get it finished.

But my day out at the Easter show as it was quiet very early and there was no line or anyone I thought I would try out the Police Bike. I do love Motorcycles just don't actually ride one or normally get this close. So a bit of fun really to look like I was on the open road. Maybe the Police will get me if I don't get my orders done.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My so called holidays

Well I am supposed to use 2 weeks leave to get a balance of work done but again I got the urgent stock call. It all started before my leave when Crookwell Emailed and then rang with a list and a half of things to get done. then I just thought I could settle in for a serious weekend ahead and get some of the things done for them when I get a call from Moss Vale telling me the stock has all sold yet again. So I had my Easter weekend already changed due to my car being broken into and a 1/4 panel needed to be replaced but couldnt be done before the weekend was over so I was grounded and managed to get a pile made.

Now I will go back to work and still need to get stock for both places and try my best to cope with what is going to happen this winter long before it has happened. I don't know if I can cope but the bank balance may be a little better off from it all if I can get serious about getting into a routine and schedule my load a little more.

Heres hoping no more side orders either as I had one more arranged yet again by parents who forget I can barely cope now and need more time to get things made than they often give me.

Hopefully I get one more beanie added tonight for tomorrows drop off.