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Thursday, February 20, 2014

PKC stack the day she came down

 This morning the moments left as a navigational marker, some say icon or asset but the ugly thing in the horizon was going down so the area can be better used than a  disused sight. It had concrete cancer from the salt water eating away at it from 1965 till now. So the big moment drew near a streaker mooned the tv live broadcast, a residence was not evacuated and then well off schedule it was the sirens.
 So camera came out and yes you need to grab a few hundred pictures for good measure as it cannot be repeated.
 A quick little bit of sound like thunder then we saw the start of 20 exciting seconds of laying her down to a wet dusty rubble.

 Tipping her head of like a champagne cork popping as she went to bed.
Leaving only a quick puff of dust to say farewell.

But on non history moments there are also new items to start knitting and some other life changes happening here. I hope to have more knitting news soon.


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